Whole Wheat Lasagna Noodles

oven ready lasagna noodles

I have searched and searched for true whole wheat lasagna noodles that weren’t super expensive and that tasted good and I finally found some that fit the bill. I was so excited to find these at Target of all places. Some Target stores have a small grocery part and yep, I found them there for just over $2 a package and one package is enough for a 9×13 pan of lasagna. The only ingredient is Organic Whole Durum Wheat Flour; yep thats it. I love that! As you get to know me more you’ll find that the foods I love to share most are ones that have very few ingredients on the ingredient list or at least ones I can pronounce. Feeding my family healthy things is super important to me. We eat treats plenty around here, but we try to have balance and eat as many whole real foods as we can.

I have used these whole wheat oven ready lasagna noodles in many dishes of lasagna and have not been dissatisfied. I love them and so does my family of 9.

*just as an FYI I don’t get paid for talking about or sharing these products with you. I am just sharing them because I have found them to be so useful after using them so many times and thought others would like to know too. I am an Amazon affiliate but only because I buy products from their site and want to share those with you as well but beyond that this is just DEBSFAVES sharing with you without any strings attached. These products are MY real favorites because I have tried them and love them, not because someone told me to tell you they are my favorites:). Target has no idea I just promoted their oven ready lasagna noodles, but I love them so I shared.