This is one of my favorite air freshener/odor eliminators. I came across this when I was couponing a few years back. I probably never would have bought the stuff because of course I am skeptical about these kinds of things but when I got them for so super cheap and found them sitting in my linen closet I decided to use it once or twice and fell in love with it. My favorite thing to use it for is to spray a room down after one of my kids has had a wetting the bed accident. I strip the sheets off the mattress and after washing the mattress I spray the Febreze directly on the mattress and then spray it in the room with a couple squirts, it does wonders! I leave and the room and it smells fresh and clean again. Now I don’t coupon anymore and it’s still worth the under $3 a bottle you can get it for at target. I also noticed you can buy it in bulk from Amazon here.You actually save money buying it in bulk like that but if you only want to spend $3 go to your local Wal-mart or Target or any store like that and you can pick one up for under $3. Just do it, it will save your life, especially if you have bed wetters, or you just want your house to smell clean and fresh when company comes or just because it’s wonderful to have a clean smelling house. There are tons of scents out there, I like the clean scents and some of the holiday ones they come out with but other than those I haven’t gotten too crazy at the different kinds of smells they offer but they have a lot to chose from. Happy Febreezing, I would love to hear what you think about this one after you give it a try, has it become one of your favorites?

My top 3 uses for Febreze:

1. Airing out a room after one of my kids has wet the bed.

2. Spraying it straight on the mattress after I have cleaned it.

3. Spraying it in a room that just smells musty and needs refreshing (usually my son’s bedroom – don’t tell him I said that:).