Rock and Play Sleeper (my favorite for babies from 0-6 months)


rock and play sleeper_edited-1

I love this bed, bouncer, rocker, whatever you want to call it but it has become one of my all time favorites and must haves for baby. Two kids ago a friend offered to let me borrow hers for one of my babies; here is the link to the one I borrowed. I LOVED it! Many of my kids had slept in the car seat for a couple of reasons: 1) they slept better not laying perfectly flat and 2) I got nervous that when they spit up they might choke laying totally flat. When my friend Jessica offered to let me borrow hers I was so excited to try it. I used it with my daughter Emree and LOVED it! I never worried when she spit up that she would choke and she would sleep so soundly because she was slightly snuggled/swaddled in this sweet little bed. I was so sad when she grew out of it. I was able to borrow it again with Crew and again had him sleep in it until the very last time I felt like he could still fit. This time my friend and I are pregnant and due just 3 weeks apart so I have to buy my own. I intend to buy this one just to try out the automatic rocking feature (the one I had didn’t have this feature and was just fine), plus I like the color.

A couple other things I love about this handy, dandy bed is that it is so portable; you can take it anywhere in the house or throw it in the trunk and take it anywhere baby needs to sleep away from home. The cover slides off and is washable which is so nice but I will mention the one trouble I did have with it is if you are not careful, the wetness from baby’s diaper day after day can cause some mold to occur near the bottom crease where baby’s bottom is so just make sure it has a chance to air out every couple days so you don’t have mold grow. That is the only complaint I love this amazing bed; it really is one of my favorites and I have recommended it to many friends and family members who have bought their own and loved them. It beats one of those old fashioned bassinets hands down and after having 7 kids I for sure say it is my favorite bed for infants age 0-6 months.