If Honey Could Talk… (Since it can’t i’ll share some of it’s amazing benefits, internally and externally)

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You guys, do you know how good honey is for you?? Honey has some serious secrets and I wish it could talk but since it can’t I’ll do some talking for it. The stuff is pretty amazing, over the years as I have gotten more into clean eating honey and it’s awesome benefits have been something I have slowly learned more about, I now ALWAYS have a bucket of raw local honey in my pantry. I use honey daily at my house it’s been a life changer for me and my family, the stuff is amazing. I’ll let you read the list of why this stuff is awesome but i’ll tell you what since we started to use honey almost daily at our house I have noticed a significant difference in how often my kids get sick. We are a family of 10 so really someone should be sick most of the time but over the last year and a half I am not kidding we have stayed so healthy. Call it the honey or call it the fact that I do cook a ton from scratch (not always) and clean a lot (never enough) but seriously I am giving the honey and homemade yogurt¬†(the recipe is on my blog)¬†most of the credit, there’s no science behind what I am saying obviously it’s just me guessing but it’s just awesome that we haven’t been sick much over the last year and a half and we use a lot of raw local honey so I am giving it some credit. Here’s the skinny on the sticky stuff…




Thrive strawberries

Many of you have probably heard of the company Thrive, but I recently bought some freeze dried fruit from them for the first time (I love good food storage) and it is seriously AMAZING so so good and my favorite part is it’s clean food, no added junk, gmo’s nothing, the fruits and veggies are exactly that and nothing else, super healthy (which we all know is a big favorite of mine). All of the fruits and vegetables are freeze dried and if you haven’t tried freeze dried products you need to go try some, they are the next best to fresh in my opinion and I love having them on hand for those times when I don’t have fresh, plus they have a slight crunch/melt in your mouth texture to them that is oh so delicious, you’ll never need candy again, seriously these can feed all your candy fixes and they are so much better for you. I have been throwing the fruit in homemade yogurt (recipe here if you want to make some) and homemade granola, recipe to come, and in cereal and on oatmeal and in muffins etc. this stuff is awesome. They are having a really good sale right now so here’s the link if you want to go check them out the sale runs March 17-21st.

Victoria White Linen Pasta Sauce (my favorite jar kind)


If I am not making my pasta sauce from scratch (which is what I prefer to do but don’t always have the time for) this is my favorite jar kind. It is clean, sometime i’ll do a post on what I mean when I talk about a food being clean, but for a quick explanation when I say clean it means it doesn’t have a lot of added junk, ingredients you can’t pronounce, or added stuff our bodies can’t digest well. So many foods are considered dirty in my opinion. The cleanest foods are foods that grow from the ground (I know that seems odd since dirt is what they grow in and dirt makes us dirty, but you have to trust me on this one:) and they haven’t gone through any or very minimal processing, for example fruits and vegetables are very clean, they grow straight from the ground so they are as clean as you can get. So when I talk about a clean food I mean just that, clean and not dirty with a bunch of bad stuff that isn’t good for us. I personally like the ingredient list to have 7 ingredients or less and all good clean ingredients. So this brings me to one of the main reasons I like this pasta sauce, it has all clean ingredients.

Here’s the list:

Italian and diced tomatoes, olive oil, fresh garlic, basil, onions, sea salt and spices and calcium chloride which is a natural ingredient to maintain the texture. There is no added sugar YAHOO, try finding a marinara or pasta sauce that doesn’t have added sugar, it’s hard to do. This stuff has awesome ingredients AND tastes SO delicious, my favorite, you’ll love it, try it in lasagna, spaghetti, as a dip for bread sticks, etc. the list could go on. You’re gonna love it!

I got this at Costco but I bet most grocery stores sell it.