Growth… and don’t miss the fly swatter post especially if you are having problems with pesky flies this time of year

I didn’t realize my e-mails weren’t getting sent out after my blog posts until just a few days ago, I finally figured out the problem and it was because more people had subscribed than the plan allowed that I had originally signed up for, makes me excited that enough people want to see my posts that I had to upgrade! I love that you are enjoying my posts. In the mean time there were 5-6 posts you may not have seen, one being my recent post on this awesome fly swatter. I also included a post on my favorite waffle iron, granulated garlic I love to use, my favorite brand of black pepper, an extra large casserole dish measuring 10X15, some of my favorite kids shoes, a recipe for my favorite whole wheat blender pancakes, some info about spaghetti squash and how I like to cook it, and my favorite brand of salsa that is super healthy. If you missed there’s the run down there is a better explanation of some of the products in the individual blog post so you can just scroll through the recent posts if you want a more detailed explanation as to why I like them, enjoy all the new posts. Happy Monday!

* I included the picture of these amazing whole wheat blender pancakes too because I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss these delicious beauties.