Goal Setting (to kick the school year off)


I know you can’t read the little papers but these are our goals for the school year. Each Monday night our family comes together for a Family Night where we spend time together. I had a good friend tell me about her family setting goals and I thought that was such a great idea, thank you Heather. So for Family night a couple weeks ago I gave all the kids a slip of paper and had them write down three goals for the school year. My husband and I participated too. It’s important to me that my kids see me do the same things I ask them to do. Here’s what we wrote down…

  1. An educational goal (something they wanted to accomplish learning wise this year ex. master times tables)
  2. A spiritual goal (something spiritual they wanted to learn or read or focus on during the school year ex. read from the scriptures 10 minutes a day)
  3. A physical goal (some way they wanted to physically push their body ex. healthier eating, more exercise etc.)

They all wrote down their goals twice and one piece of paper went in an envelope that we will open at the end of the year and one piece of paper was for them to keep so they could work on those goals throughout the year and refer back to it.

This was a great activity to do with my kids. Goal setting is so important and teaches kids so many great things. Setting a goal, working hard at it, being persistent and then eventually accomplishing it is an awesome lesson for kids (and adults) to learn. I am excited to open that envelope up at the end of the year and see who reached their goal. This may just become a new tradition at this house we’ll see how it goes this year.