The Executioner (the best fly swatter you’ll ever own)

The Executioner fly swatter 1

You probably needed this post a month ago with all the crazy flies this time of year but there is never enough time in a day to post all I want to post (I have a million things in my head I want to share with you but never enough time). This is an awesome fly swatter and every bit worth the $20. My sister in law Pam told me about this last year during fly season. I got one for my husband for his birthday and it is his favorite and because he actually enjoys using it we rarely have flies in our house, he usually chases them around once a day and they stay gone. This little guy is amazing and you’ll love him. It works by shocking the flies, you have to catch them in mid air which I love because instead of smashing them on the counter they fall after they are shocked by The Executioner and then you can pick them up with a Lysol wipe or a tissue keeping things a lot cleaner. Here’s the link¬†on Amazon where I got it. Happy fly swatting and may all the flies in your house stay gone!