My favorite things to take to the hospital when having a baby

I am about three and a half weeks away from my due date so as I was thinking about getting my bags packed for the hospital I decided I would put together a post of some of my favorite things to take to the hospital when I have a baby. Everyone is different so maybe not everything on my list will be on your list but I thought sharing my favorites, might be helpful to especially first time moms, and maybe those of you who already have kids but are planning on having more will see something you’ll want to pack for next time. New babies are so wonderful and packing these things together really makes it feel real. I am getting so excited for our little girl to get here.


For Baby:

The hospital will have most of the things for the baby but there will be a few things you’ll want to take.

Outfit for baby (or 2): I like to take a couple of outfits. The hospital will usually let you put them in clothes you bring shortly after they are born if you want to and you’ll need an outfit to take the baby home in.  My three year old can’t get over the fact that this baby is naked in my stomach; she is sure she has at least a swimming suit on.  She will be so happy when we put some clothes on this baby;).

Diaper bag: you don’t really need diapers, the hospital will provide you with some.  Take advantage of this since really you paid for them, but you will want a bag to put all the babies stuff in. I am so excited to try this skip hop diaper bag (mine’s a different print than the link – you can check out the link on amazon if you want to see what they look like and read the reviews).  Right now I am using a petunia pickle bottom diaper bag (the colors are a little different than this one) and I have really liked it but I am excited to try this new one – I’ll have to let you know if it becomes one of my favorites. I like to get a new diaper bag when I have a new baby, something about squished cheerios, fruit snacks, granola bars etc. in the bottom of my bag that motivates me to buy something clean and new.

Swaddle Blankets: I can’t say enough good things about these swaddle blankets.  There are lots of different brands, these are swaddle designs but I love aden and anais ones too and I have heard good things about the Hudson brand. They started to get popular a little over 3 or so years ago and I have used them with my last 2 kids and LOVE them.  My 18 month old only carries these around; he loves them. I’ll do another post on them another day to give you more details but they are perfect for swaddling those tiny babies, a favorite for sure.

Pacifiers: I think they have some there but I like to bring my own so I get to choose what kind they get attached to. I really like the MAM kind which are orthodontic approved.  My last couple of kids have taken well to them plus I think they are cute so I stick with what works for us but there are so many different kinds out there; pick what works best for you.

Onesies: I always buy new undershirts for my babies; they get so grungy after one kid so I buy new ones every time. I always like to put onesies on my babies. A lot of places carry onesies: Wal-mart, Target, Carter’s store etc.

Wipes: You don’t need to bring these they will have some there but I always like to have wipes so I stuck some in my bag, plus the hospital usually uses ones you have to get wet before using which aren’t my favorite. I do love these new wipes clutches, (don’t buy them on amazon they are a lot cheaper at Wal-Mart or Target). They are cute and easy to refill plus they have a handle on them if you need to slip them on your wrist or attach them to a stroller etc. They aren’t super durable but they work great for on the go.  Even if you don’t have babies, wipes are essential. I will buy them and have them on hand forever; they are a go to item for me often, not for just wiping bums:).

Car seat: don’t forget this or the hospital won’t let you take your baby home until you bring one.


For Mom:

Your own blanket: I am a blanket snob so I really like to bring my own, plus it makes it feel more like home instead of a hospital (I know I am weird but blankets do that for me, I have 7 almost 8 kids and I am still attached to a blanket, my kids have no hope). You don’t have to bring a blanket, they will have some there I just like my buttery soft one to snuggle with).

Zip up hoodie, yoga pants, pj’s or comfy outfit: you will want something comfy to wear, especially when you go home.

Nursing bra: (if you plan on nursing) Motherhood is my favorite place to get my nursing bra’s at.

Travel size shampoo, conditioner and lotion: the hospital usually has shampoo but not conditioner. I just feel safe if I bring my own stuff. I take some we have saved from hotel stays or you can buy some travel sized ones.

Chapstick: It’s so nice to have if your lips get so dry like mine do. We LOVE EOS at our house but I’ll do another post on this one and give you the details as to why I like this kind but take whatever kind you want:).

Brush or comb and hair ties, anything you’ll need to fix your hair and makeup: It is so nice after a baby to shower, put a little makeup on and fix your hair, it will make you feel like a new person.

Toothbrush and Tooth paste: you’ll want to brush your teeth:).

Hand sanitizer: when 7 excited kids come to meet this baby girl I will be glad I packed this. The hospital will have some but I like to have some on had with me too.

Camera and video camera: don’t forget this; you’ll want to take a million pictures and video’s of your sweet baby.  One of my 3 year old’s favorite things to do is watch the home videos of when all the kids were born; she loves it and so will your baby when he/she gets bigger.

A magazine you are excited to read, and a good book or two: (I forgot to include this in the picture but I’ll be bringing a good book for sure).

An iPod: so you can listen to music.  This is so calming especially if your labors are long like mine, and I love good music so it makes things more enjoyable during tense moments.

Snacks/treats: I love bringing a few of my own snacks to snack on.  Our hospital has 24 hour room service but I still like to bring a few snacks of my own plus the Daddy gets super hungry too:).

Flip flops or easy on shoes: in case you want to take a stroll around the hospital (the floors are so dirty there).

Socks: to keep your feet warm. I like to take brand new socks, they just feel so nice and after a baby it’s a good reward right:).

Maxi pads: to your liking if you don’t want to use the huge diaper sized ones they have at the hospital. I usually just use theirs until I get home (but they are HUGE just so you know beforehand). I probably wont take any but if you are picky then I’d take your own.

Nursing pads: my milk never comes in before I leave the hospital so I don’t need these at the hospital but if yours does I’d take some. Lansionoh breast pads are my favorite. I’ve tried a few different kinds and I always come back to these. I’ll do a post on them after I have the baby.

Underwear: if you don’t want to wear the mesh ones they provide. I always use the ones they provide especially on my last which was my only c-section.  The mesh ones saved my life – any regular ones would have hurt my incision so bad (I even wore them after I went home for a while). But if you are picky about underwear then you can take your own.

The End: I am sure I have missed something but hopefully I covered most of it. Happy packing for that wonderful special moment in your life.  The details are important because this will be such a wonderful day so pack beforehand so you aren’t crazy rushing when it’s baby time.


* I know some people don’t deliver at a hospital and I respect that these are just suggestions to take if you do.  If you deliver at a birthing center you’ll need a lot of the same things and if you deliver at home then everything you need will be right there:).