Listen Earnestly to Your Children

listen to your children

I came across this quote a while ago on Pinterest and I LOVED it. I think earnestly listening to our children is one of the most important things we can do for them as parents. We should be totally vested in what they have to say so that they know that they can always talk to us about anything and that we really truly care about what they are doing and how life is going for them. After reading this quote I remembered an experience I had with my son, he was 6-7 at the time (he is 13 now), he was very much into Lego’s and loved playing with them, one day he came to me so excited about some things he had made with Lego’s and he wanted to tell me ALL about them. I of course was busy, and just between you and me, did not want to listen to stories about lego’s and fortresses and dragons and warriors etc. but as I was sitting there thinking of all the things I should be doing and wasn’t a sweet thought came to me and I will never forget it. It was.. Listen to him now, while he is little, talk all about Lego’s and things that are important to him so that when he is older he will want to talk with you about everything that is important to him, and he will come to YOU when things are hard. After that thought my perspective changed and I listened. Even after that wonderful experience with him I am still not always perfect at listening earnestly to my children (I’ll be honest sometimes my ears are constantly ringing with the sounds of children’s voices) but I try hard and I know It is so important. So maybe today take the time to listen earnestly to your child and see if it makes a difference even just in that moment. If it is extremely hard for you to earnestly listen just try and take it one day at a time. Listen well to a couple things they have to say and then do the same the next day, add to it as the days go on and you’ll realize it will start to become easier and then you’ll find that listening/talking with your child will become one of your favorite things to do.