Plasma car (perfect gift for any age except infant)

Plasma car 2

I cant say enough good things about these fun little cars. I love coming across a toy like this. My kids love them from my 17 month old all the way up to my 13 year old. the little ones just push them with their feet and the older ones figure out how you can ride the car without ever putting your feet on the ground. My kids can ride these around for hours of fun, and I love that they are motored by nothing but feet and arms so they are good exercise. You can go here to see a video, on how kids ride them (look to the upper left). These are super fun and the perfect family gift or gift for any age, except infant. A for sure favorite at any house with kids and maybe even at houses with just adults:). With the 220lb weight limit they can work for adults too which is super fun. I bought mine on a baby steals deal but if I had to do it over I would go to amazon or an official place where they sell the actual plasma car brand. Mine aren’t plasma car brand and one of the wheels on one of ours broke. My husbands mom has the official ones and they have never broken after hours of use.


I went to the official Plasma Car¬†website, you can’t buy them there it doesn’t look like but you can get information on them there. Amazon sells them here and they come in lots of colors. I do think the price on amazon is pretty good. I think you can get them at some specialty toy stores but they will probably be a bit more pricey. I went to and you can order them there as well. I am sure there are lots of places you can purchase them if you want to shop around.


So for your next child’s birthday you already have the perfect gift to buy, no matter if they are big or small. (please excuse the little boy on the pink plasma car, he has 5 sisters so he uses lots of things that are pink, but obviously by the look on his face he doesn’t seem to mind).