My Favorite Knife (comparable to the Cutco cheese knife)

cheese knife final

I had asked my hubby for the Cutco cheese knife for Christmas this last year. My mom and sister have that knife and I just LOVE it.  When he went to buy it, it was priced around $60 just for one knife. I don’t love spending money if I don’t have to (some things are worth spending a few extra $ for), but I wanted to see if I could find anything comparable for a fraction of the price so of course I searched Amazon so I could read some reviews and found this little gem.
cheese fruit knife edited2The reviews were fantastic and it was right around $10 which was a steal compared to $60 so he ordered it for me for Christmas and I have loved it. I’ll be honest I have only been using it since January of this year but so far I am a huge fan. It chops veggies, fruits, cheese, meat, you name it.  It chops it well, it’s one of the best knives we own and it was $10! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food for my family of 9 and because I cook with a lot of fruits/veggies this knife really does speed things up and comes in handy so often in my kitchen, plus I love that the top has 2 prongs on it which makes it so handy when cutting into packages like the wrapping around a cucumber or the plastic around chicken apple sausage (another favorite i’ll be sure to share) or other tight fitting plastics you encounter while preparing food.  Just another reason why it’s one of my FAVES. If you don’t have a good knife like this I would totally recommend this one. You can go here if you want to order it from Amazon or look at your local store to see if you can find anything comparable. I would love to hear all your reviews if you decide to try it or find something comparable. Happy Chopping!