Baked Eggs (aka hard boiled eggs as we know them)


I was a bit skeptical at first myself but give these a try. I promise you’ll love them; you’ll never boil another egg. I follow a bunch of clean eating Instagram accounts and have seen this in numerous places. I decided I better just give this method a try, so I did just a few weeks ago for the first time and I am in LOVE. When I am really focusing on clean eating (I haven’t been as perfect at this being pregnant), hard boiled eggs are one of my “go to” snacks. I always keep them in the fridge, peeled and ready to eat or toss in a salad. Eggs are so good for you (that’s a conversation for another day). I have a food prep day (which I’ll talk more about in a future post) but I would always boil my eggs, peel them and then store them in a plastic Ziploc sack in my fridge. Well, prepping eggs just got easier. Here’s how you do it:

baked eggs (aka hard boiled eggs as we know them)


  • Muffin tin
  • 12 uncooked eggs still in shell


  • Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees. Place eggs in a muffin tin, put them in the oven and bake for 30 minutes. After removing the eggs from the oven put them directly in an ice bath for 10 minutes (I grab a bowl put a good amount of ice in the bowl and fill the rest of the way with water).
  • After cooling in the ice bath for 10 minutes remove them from the water and peel, store peeled eggs in plastic zip loc sack or tupperware. ENJOY!

My favorites about this method:

  1. It’s foolproof (it works every time).
  2. The eggs peel so easily.

The eggs are cooked perfectly – not overdone and not underdone.

Here is a link to the muffin tin I have, it’s worked great and is very inexpensive.