Brooks Running Shoes

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I know the shoes on the top look WAAAAAAYYYY better than the shoes on the bottom but what can I say, you gotta get the real deal right? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these shoes; hands down my favorite running shoes of all time. I have run multiple half marathons and when I first started I just went to Ross (because I am cheap) and would buy whatever running shoes they had in my size (and they carried decent shoes: Nike’s, Asic’s etc.).  When I was on long runs I would notice my knees starting to hurt and It worried me that I wouldn’t be able to finish.A little less than 4 years ago my friend Jessica told my about Brooks. I decided I would give them a try and I have never bought another running shoe since. I went online and read the reviews on Brooks website to see if I could find a shoe that would help with knee pain and sure enough, I found one that most people recommended if you were experiencing knee pain when running. I bought that pair and seriously my knees never hurt again. I know that doesn’t happen to everyone but these shoes have been a life saver for me. I love running so much I would have been so sad to give it up.  Little did I know I just needed a good pair of shoes. The ones on the bottom may look a bit worn (because I wear them all the time) but they fit like a glove and do exactly what I need them to do when running or exercising. I have been wearing these shoes for about 18 months and my previous pair I wore for about 2 years.  They last awhile considering I run a lot of miles on them. Brooks has a bunch of different styles, some are light weight, some are for trail running, some are for support, etc. so I suggest you read the reviews and find the best fit for you. I will admit they are a bit pricey but if you are serious about running I would totally recommend spending a little more for a better shoe. I learned the hard way but now I’ll never go back. I did notice Amazon (to see click here) had them for a little better price, so you might want to go to the Brooks site, read about the ones you want and see if you can get them cheaper on Amazon.

*I am not affiliated with Brooks running at all, I just love their shoes!