Homemade Powder Laundry detergent

SONY DSCHomemade laundry soap is a very new favorite. I have only been using it for about 3-4 weeks but so far I am loving it. My friend Jamie told me about it and I will admit I was very skeptical at first but I really wanted to try it because I knew if it worked then It would save me so much money, plus I loved the idea of knowing exactly what went in my laundry soap that touches my kids skin everyday, so I set aside me fears and jumped in and so far I am not looking back. I will for sure do an update post after I try this for a longer period of time but so far it has exceeded my expectations (and I am picky about laundry detergent, let’s face it I do a lot of laundry with 9 people living in my house so I need to be good friends with my laundry detergent). So far the smell has been great, it’s a pretty neutral clean scent which I like. I have had some problems in the past with my front loader smelling, especially if the clothes sit in there for a while after they have been washed, after using this soap my washer has smelled way better than it ever has which makes me another huge fan of this detergent. It has also done a great job washing and getting stains out which is a must at this house. The recipe is simple and the only thing that takes much time is grating the Fels-Naptha soap but that is what kids are for, right:)? Remember my post on teaching them hard work. This is a great job to give them and they will be so happy in the end they contributed to helping with the laundry (okay maybe not but it will help you out, keep them busy, and help teach them the value of hard work, three birds with one stone is good for me).

H kayelee homemade laundry soap_edited-1

If you don’t have kids, round some up from the neighborhood to help you grate your soap, you won’t be sorry:). You can buy Borax and Arm and Hammer washing soda together here. Or check your local grocery store or Target or Wal-mart down the cleaning or detergent isle if you want to shop prices. Here is a link to the Fels-Naptha soap which you can get at the store as well if you prefer. Here’s a link where you can buy all three together if you want to do it that way.

Homemade Powder Laundry detergent


  • 3 C of Borax Soap
  • 3 C of Arm and hammer Washing Soda
  • 3 bars of Felths-Naptha soap


  • Grate soap with a cheese grater. Put all ingredients in a clean bucket and stir.
  • *It's best after you grate the soap to leave it out for a day or two to dry out before using. If you don't want to do this make sure when you mix all the ingredients together that you let it sit with the lid off for a day or two and stir it a few times, this give the Felths-Naptha soap some time to dry a little.
  • Use 1 Tablespoon per load of laundry.

Enjoy the recipe and wash away!

*I apologize for my poor quality of pictures sometimes, I post a lot at night while my babies are sleeping and if I take the pictures at that time then my lighting isn’t great, hopefully as I get better at this my photography skills will get better too. As long as you can see what’s in the picture we are in good shape for now, right?