moments (experiencing water for the first time)_edited-1I love capturing these sweet moments and being a part of them. Crew had felt water before and played with it some but during this bath he just became fascinated with the water and kept letting it run through his fingers and on his hands, he was enjoying it so much and it was so fun to watch him experience a “first” I took the moment to be reminded that it is in the small things like this that we are reminded that MOMENTS matter, and little things are really important. I had a list of a million things to do that day but I stopped for a moment to take time to appreciate that he was experiencing something for the first time and that he LOVED it. I was also reminded how amazing and wonderful water is, we are so dependent on water every day of our lives yet at times we fail to even appreciate it. My little kids appreciate it and realize it is fascinating and wonderful. I am grateful for these little people in my life who help remind me to appreciate the little things and remind me that MOMENTS do matter and that they pass ever to quickly so savor them for the small moment that they last so that they become an important memory you can cherish forever.