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Teacher appreciation gifts (simple, easy, and grateful)


It’s Important to me and my kids that we do something to show our appreciation to each of their school teachers.  Showing grattitufe is one very important thing I feel like I need to teach my kids and I know my example is so important in fostering that. My kids teachers also mean the world to me and it’s so important to me that I hand pick their teachers each year because they have such an influence on my kids as they teach them for a whole school year. But sometimes my not so craftiness comes out at the end of the year when I want to show my gratitude and I’ll be honest, I love Pinterest but I can’t always re-create their sometimes crazy over the top ideas (you can find easy ones on there too, I know but this just happened to not be a Pinterest find) Because I have 5 kids in school I have to do my best to be fun and cool but practical. I saw this on Joanna Gaines blog real quick today as I was looking for something and thought it was a great idea. If you haven’t ever watched the show “The Fixer Upper” you should, it’s one of my faves, you’ll understand all the reasons why if you watch it. So I got this idea from her blog but my kids and I tweaked it a little. Here is the link on her blog so you can print off the template for the card, which says “Thanks for helping me grow” and here is a link to her cute post if you want to read it. I went to our local grocery store bought $2 flowers (Dianthus’s to be exact they are another fave of my, they are a beautiful flower that is easy to grow and even though I don’t think they say they are perennials they come back every year, they are beautiful, colorful and as they get bigger they form a perfect ball/bush of flowers, I just love them, try them sometime). I came home and we printed off the tag, we got some cute scrapbook paper I already had glued the tag to that, the kids did all the cutting and the writing and then my 11 year old had the perfect idea to tape the tag to a Popsicle stick and stick it in the pot with the flower.

So there yo have it a sweet little teacher appreciation gift for right around $2 a piece that those teachers can plant in their garden and remind them how great their job is as a teacher and what an impact they have on the children they teach.

Happy end of the school year, I can’t wait till these kids of mine are home for the  Summer one of my favorite times of the year!



cheese knife small


norticware popcorn popper small

I am so excited about this post. I woke up a few mornings ago thinking about how I love sharing all these favorites with you through my posts and then thought about how fun it would be if I actually shared a couple favorites with you through a giveaway. I have had a lot of positive feedback about the blog (thank you for that so so much) through texts or comments or interaction on Facebook etc. and it has made all the time and effort that I have put into the blog worth it. I hope you continue to enjoy it as time goes on. So for today I want to give away two things that I love, that I think you would love. I am going to give away the Nordic Ware popcorn popper and the cheese knife (I included a link to the posts if you want to read about the items). These are two of my favorites that have seemed to become popular among you. So here’s what you do to enter (see below) and then in a week exactly (June 5th) I’ll pick 2 random winners. I hope that gets you all giddy and excited because I am giddy and excited just thinking about it. Okay so here’s how you enter:

1. Like my Facebook page here and share one of my posts on your Facebook page (you can even just take a post I’ve done on Facebook and find the share button at the bottom of the post and click share. Or you can cut and paste a link from my blog to your Facebook page.

2. Sign up for my e-mail updates on the right hand side of my blog (If you’ve already signed up you don’t need to do it again).

3. Leave a comment on this post after you’ve done 1 and 2 so you are entered in the giveaway (state your favorite post if you want).

Clear as mud right?  I am so excited to give two of you a couple of my favorite things!