The Coolest Popcorn Popper (it goes in the microwave)

norticware popcorn popperAs you can see from the bottom picture we LOVE this popcorn popper, It’s basically an air popper that goes in the microwave, it really is genius. You add 1/3 cup of popcorn put the lid on and put it in the microwave and turn it on (all microwaves vary but roughly about 2.5 minutes). My sister in law Pam told me about this cool popper a long while back, I got one and we love it. It’s great because it cooks the popcorn without any added oil or salt and I love that, you can add that later if you want but you can eat the popcorn without anything on it if you’d like. You can buy the popcorn popper here¬†on Amazon and this is a good price, or I know Target carries them as well or at least they did a couple years back. Our family loves popcorn it’s a family tradition to eat it most Sunday nights so this popper comes in handy often at this house. I hope you enjoy this popper as much as we do, happy popping!

norticware popcorn popper2