Strawberry Stem Remover (so fast and easy and even kids can do it)

strawberry huller

If kitchen gadgets could be best friends this strawberry huller and the strawberry slicer I talked about in this post would be just that. They double as two amazing kitchen gadgets to have if you love strawberries. Seriously they will make  your life so much easier! If we are giving awards to strawberry gadgets the winner of the best strawberry huller goes to this beauty you see pictured in this post. This baby is amazing at removing those strawberry stems with out cutting off half your strawberry (see pictures below). I’ll admit I was skeptical of this little guy at first, I thought, how can it really be faster than a knife, and how does it really work just getting the stem and not the strawberry but much to my amazement after I tried this thing out for the first time (thanks to my sister in law Pam) It worked like a charm, for real, it is awesome, go read the review’s on Amazon if you don’t believe me, I love it and totally recommend it. Here’s the link to where you can buy it, it’s pretty cheap there and I honestly have never seen it anywhere else but I bet specialty kitchen stores might have it. The other bonus is it is really small, so it’s not a huge gadget to store. My family and I obviously love strawberries and I make a ton of strawberry jam (see my post) every year so these little gadgets will come in handy for sure.

strawberry huller 1

strawberry huller 2

strawberry huller 3