Running Shoes

brooks running shoes

I ordered my new running shoes yesterday, my old Brooks have been worn for over two years and they have terrible holes and are worn out because I have ran so many miles in them and wear them so much, I am embarrassed to post a picture but they have been very well loved. Someone recently asked me what my favorite running shoes are and hands down Brooks are my favorites. Here’s a post I did a while back about why I like them so much. I’ve ran a lot of miles and lifted a lot of weights and worked out a lot of times and worn a lot of different shoes and brooks are my faves. I ordered the shoes in the picture from I also ordered a couple pairs from Amazon, the ones from Amazon were last years model but they were a great price with free returns if they don’t fit or I don’t like them. Here’s the links to the ones I got from AmazonĀ here and here. Brooks website also has an amazing return policy where they let you try out the shoes for 90 days and if you don’t like them even after running in them for a while then you can return them for free, you don’t even have to pay shipping costs. I love that guarantee and it means Brooks loves their product enough to back it up with an awesome guarantee like that. If you are looking for new running or work out shoes, give them a try, and if you hate them you can send them back.

*The 90 day guarantee is only if you order from the brooks running website if you order from Amazon their return policy is different. For return details go to or