Lentil Tacos (don’t knock it until you try them, seriously so good and clean)

madras lentils

I know, I know, you are all thinking lentils, really?! They are amazing, seriously, and I have a 10 person house hold that gives you raving reviews ( I know the almost 1 year old’s vote shouldn’t count but even she loves them too, so so much), my sister in law Pam told me about these a few months ago and after I bought them the first time they have become a staple in my house, seriously TRY THESE I am telling you they are delicious. First of all they are delicious, second, they are clean (which we all know I love, I’ll explain more what I mean by clean in a later post but for now, very few real ingredients) third, they make a mean SIMPLE, FAST meal. We all love delicious right? And healthy is super important too, right? And on those nights where there is soccer, dance, piano, and a meeting and you have to be 5 places at once, we all need fast right? So here’s your solution. Lentil tacos or taco salad, or whatever you can think up to use them on/in. And to add a 4th this makes a meatless meal which is a plus, sometimes it’s good to go without meat!

Here’s what we do (I took a picture for you because we ate them for dinner today but I can’t get my camera to let me put the picture on my computer tonight so you’ll have to imagine until I can upload the picture) grab a good corn tortilla (one made with clean ingredients you can use a flour tortilla as well) cut up lettuce, grate some cheese, cut up some cilantro and some tomatoes (you can use any taco toppings your family likes), top the corn tortilla with the lentils, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, cilantro, green onions, put a dollop of sour cream on top if you’d like and enjoy. I often skip on the tortilla and make a salad for me. Start with a plate full of lettuce, add the lentils, tomatoes, cheese, onions, cilantro, and then top with Herdez salasa for an amazing dressing. Its delicious I promise I can’t wait for you to try them, and one of the best things about this meal is it’s fast, on all the nights you are in a rush and can’t think of what to make keep these on hand and you’ll be mom of the year and you didn’t drive through the drive through, all 8 of my kids love these and I can’t say that about all foods we eat. I meant to post this a couple weeks ago but time slips away from me, these babies are on coupon at Costco right now for $3 off per box (six pouches come in a box and our family of 10 eats 4-5 pouches per meal) this makes them a great deal so hurry and go stock up because the sale goes off on Sunday May 1st. I am sure you can get them at other stores as well I just wanted you to know they were on coupon at Costco because saving money is a huge favorite of mine too so I had to share while they were on sale.

*the ingredient list is: water, tomatoes, lentils, red beans, onions, cream, butter, salt, sunflower oil, chilies, and cumin