New Year’s Resolutions (simplify, my thoughts on how to do this)

Hadlee, Happy new year Persnickety dress

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How can you not smile when you look at that cute face. If that’s all this post does is put a smile on your face, it was worth writing it.

I know I am a little late on this post but I have been busy enjoying my family, friends and playing with this cute little Hadlee Jo. I am excited to be back and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! And I hope your New Year has gotten you so excited for things to come in the up coming year. As I have been thinking about the New Year, I always think of New Year’s resolutions, Do you do these? I feel like in years past I have made such a long list of resolutions and I do good for about a month or so and then I feel overwhelmed and forget what I even resolved and set a goal that I’d do, so in my thoughts about New Year’s resolutions I decided this year I would keep it SO simple so I can actually remember the goals I set and really focus on reaching them. I am a big believer in not overwhelming ourselves, especially as Mom’s and Women, simplify and really focus on one thing at a time, the times that I have done this in my life I have had so much more success. So when I want to implement something new or do better at something say for example: better healthy eating habits in my family, I chose one or 2 things to do better at, I work hard on those and then when I feel like I have those down as habit, I add a new goal and slowly I see amazing progress and realize how healthy we are eating over all, I don’t usually fall off the band wagon or let it overwhelm me because I don’t try to do ALL things at once. So I am challenging you with your New Year’s resolutions to do the same.

  1. Pick 1-3 things you want to work on this year and accomplish them (1 thing is plenty enough in my opinion, accomplish it and then set another goal).

2. Write them down somewhere, my notes sections in my phone is my favorite place to do this because my phone is almost always with me so I can refer to it often if need be

3. kick those goals/resolutions in the pants, think about them often, look at where you wrote them down often, so you can accomplish them. If you get them done before the new year, who’s to say you can’t have a mid-year or whenever you a ready for another one resolution/goal.

This year I picked ┬áthree…┬áHere’s to letting you a little into my personal life but this will make me accountable and it’s nice to see ideas.

  1. Spiritual resolution/goal: Have more Charity, true Christ-like love, kindness and understanding for others including my own family, think about specific ways to create this in my life. ex. read my scriptures more diligently etc.
  2. Physical resolution/goal: Get my personal training certificate (this may seem like a huge goal and it is but it’s one I have been mentally prepping my self for, for years and I am ready to bite the bullet and get it done), even though I won’t use it yet (as I still have little kids at home) I will get it and practice on my friends and family:) (watch out if you are my friends or my family:).
  3. Mental resolution/goal: Read one book start to finish (I struggle making time to read books because I have a lot of things that fill my time, but I love reading and learning new things and it’s so important for our minds and in furthering our education so I am making it one of my goals).

Happy New Year, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas when it come’s to New Year’s resolutions.