Happy Father’s Week (a favorite tradition)


Happy Father’s Week! It’s Happy Father’s Week over at the Austin house. We love this tradition, I started it about 11 years ago when our oldest was just a toddler and it has become one of our favorites. It’s nothing out of this world extraordinary but it helps us celebrate an extraordinary person in our life. I found that it gives me and the kids the chance to take the time to appreciate our daddy, he doesn’t often get the thanks or appreciation he deserves for the many things he does for our family so I love the chance to celebrate the whole week and to take the time to appreciate him for all the many dragons he slays for us and for the opportunity to tell him how much we love and appreciate him. He really is my Knight in shining armor, I know that’s old fashioned but its true and I love him with all my heart.

View More: http://photos.pass.us/austinhadlee-joHere’s a picture of him doing what he does best

Here’s how we celebrate:

On Sunday or Monday of the week prior to Father’s Day we make signs (you can see a sample of the ones we did in the picture) sometimes the kids and I just make a list of qualities and sometimes we do it like we did this year where I write each kids name and then ask them all the things they love about their dad and I type it under their name (in the picture below I gave you a bit of a closer look at our sign and how I do it, if you can see it well enough). I like doing it that way because it makes it a little more personal and heartfelt. Some of my little kids like to draw pictures and then we tape everything up on our mantle or on a wall. When he get’s home from work (he works from home now so that’s a bit tricky) we all yell happy fathers week and the kids give him hugs, we just make it special. Then each day of that week I have one of his favorite treats to give him and the evenings that aren’t super busy we try to do activities that he enjoys, sometimes we try and make his favorite dinners, we just do things that make him feel special. Then of course on Sunday we give him a few presents and we write cards and make him a delicious dinner.

This is nothing too big or difficult but my husband looks forward to it every year and its such a fun way to make him feel so special and tell him how much we love and appreciate him. I am so grateful for great daddy’s, they really do change the world in the lives of their kids and in turn change the world because they help raise amazing kids who help change the world. Happy Father’s week to all you amazing Dad’s!

*Like I’ve said before if you decide to do this tradition you can make it your own. This is just to spark some ideas and give you something to reference, you can do whatever you’d like to make your daddy feel special.