Hadlee Jo (Happy Father’s Day/Week)

hadlee and Joe (heart to heart)

If you don’t want to read the whole post here is a quick link to a post I did a couple years ago on how we celebrate Father’s Day the whole week leading up to it. It makes Father’s Day so much more special and gives my kids a chance to really think about all the amazing reasons they love their Dad and to show him in sweet little ways throughout the week.

This sweet little girl (she’s 2 now) is named after her daddy and he’s the best man I know. My sweet friend Jessica who is an amazing photographer caught this shot shortly after Hadlee was born. I am sure these two were speaking spirit to spirit and this just melted me after I saw it. About a month before Hadlee Jo was born we had a different middle name picked out for her and one quiet Sunday afternoon (which is unusual at our house I’ll be honest) I was sitting in my rocking chair just thinking about this sweet baby girl of mine that I couldn’t wait to meet and I had the impression come to me name her “Hadlee Jo” after her daddy. I had never ever thought of the name Jo as a middle name for one of our girls but this struck me in a profound way. I told Joe about the sweet experience, he was so touched but not convinced we should name her after him. I continued to stand by that impression and when she was born he said “you choose”, so I chose Hadlee Jo. So fitting being the sixth girl this man is the father of. He is the man of my dreams and the best daddy in the world. My girls are so blessed to have him, they’ve all told me they wish he was theirs and I don’t blame them. I hope someday they get someone just as amazing as him. Hadlee and Joe have an amazing connection and someday it will be extremely important that she bear his name, but for now they just speak spirit to spirit and have the sweetest little bond you ever did see.

I am so grateful for all the amazing Daddy’s out there, you’ll never know the difference you make in the lives of your kids and your wives. A good Dad who does all he can for his kids and wife is rare to come by these days and so needed, so hang in there on the hard days because it’s worth it and we appreciate all you do.

Here’s an early Happy Father’s Day to all the the amazing Dads out there including my husband and my own dad. And again here’s a link to a post I did a couple years ago on how we celebrate Father’s Day and how we celebrate the whole week leading up to Father’s Day.

What are your Father’s day traditions? I’d love to hear them.