grocery list

grocery list from i phone

This is genius you guys, and I am not always genius so we have to celebrate when we can, I’ll celebrate by sharing it with you. It may not seem that genius or amazing but you have to try it first before you roll your eyes (you wanted to didn’t you:), it is one of my favorite things to do and has saved me so so many times, money and headache, and it keeps me organized so I had to share. And no it’s not my grocery list because I know mine is not yours but I wanted to share with you one of my favorite tips. Write your grocery list in your phone I know it seems so silly but it really is an amazing thing to do. I have a iPhone but I assume most phones have a notes section or a place where you can write things down. This is where I keep my grocery list, it has been my saving grace for a while now (a couple years maybe), I almost always have my phone with me and so that means I almost always have my grocery list with me, I have actually never forgotten my phone once when heading to the grocery store so for the past couple years since I have been doing it this way I have never forgotten my grocery list. Which makes for a lot better success at the grocery store and saves me money because I don’t have to go back to the grocery store to get all the things I forgot and leads me to another post I’ll do about my favorite tip to saving money… I can’t tell you what it is though right now because I want to do a post on it so i’ll do that soon but for now write your grocery list in your phone, try it and see if you love it. Every time I need to add something to my list I just add it right to my phone, my kids know it’s in there so lots of times I’ll ask them to write stuff on the list for me or when they need stuff I tell them “write it on the list” and they know where to go. This helps me be more organized and less forgetful which give me bonus points in the Mom department when it comes to my kids.