Cookie Scoop (one of my favorite kitchen gadgets)

cookie scoop

One of the best inventions in the history of EVER. I love my cookie scoop. I use it all the time because I make cookies all the time (that’s kind of bad I know) I try and eat lots of fruits and veggies too, I promise. I make my kids lunches for school (EVERYDAY) and if I send them with a treat I often make cookies and freeze them and this thing comes in handy all the time. My mom had one of these cookie scoops when I was a kid and we used it all the time so naturally when I got ready to leave home she bought one for me. I still have it… these babies last a while. As soon as you get one you’ll never look back they make the perfect shaped cookies and you can even use them for other things like making homemade meat balls. They sell different sizes so you can decide how big you want your cookies. Here is the medium size I use for cookies. Here is one size smaller that you can use for mini cookies and here is one size bigger for larger cookies. Take your pick or here is a link where you can get all three. This would make the prefect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer if you are in need of a good gift idea. Happy cookie scooping!