You guys, (if there is even anyone who still reads my blog) I am sorry I have been so absent. My only really good excuse is the 8 little people that are mine, this picture pretty much sums up what I do all day so it makes sense why I have little spare time plus that cute little 2 year old who is swinging in the picture pretty much makes me follow her around every second of every day for fear of what she might do if my eyes can’t see her. She really is cute and worth it but it allows for little spare time around here.  I do want to change things though and post a little more often. I hope a few of you are in this for the long haul with me while I figure the whole blogging thing out and get better at it. I really do love writing and sharing and talking with you and even though I’ve been a sporadic poster, I still get people asking me about things I’ve posted about or things they’d love for me to share so if you hang in here with me I have some fun things in store and I am so excited to share them with you! I am hoping to start a you tube channel where I can share some workout videos and every day life stuff, my kids want to share some things too (lets be honest it might be a while till I do that, but I am optimistic it will happen sometime in the next 10 years:). I have lots of posts in my head about healthy (clean) eating, kids stuff, things I love, exercise, summer activities, favorite recipes, etc. you know everything. So please excuse my absence this last long while as I try and get back at this… My goal is to post once a week so hold me accountable to it even if I just post a short one. Leave me a comment if you are still around and reading this every once in a while. I can’t wait to start sharing again!