Hot Chocolate Maker (for the hot chocolate lovers)

hot chocolate maker

This hot chocolate maker is hands down one of our family’s favorite things during the holiday season. Our family LOVES hot chocolate so having a hot chocolate maker has been a favorite at this house, we naturally have 2 of these because remember there are 10 of us that live at this house so one just wouldn’t make the cut but for a smaller family you can get by with one just fine. It makes 4 cups of hot chocolate at a time and you can re-fill it and make more super easy. All you do is add water and hot chocolate mix (any brand or variety works great) and turn it on to heat froth, you’ll have yummy hot chocolate in a couple minutes. We love ours it’s such a fun thing to have around and it’s been a fun part of our holiday memories. I also love that there is no boiling water or warming in the microwave it makes making hot chocolate super easy. It’s perfect for those days when the kids are playing out in the snow, you know they are gonna all run in at the same time and say we want some hot chocolate, the hot chocolate can be made a head of time and just sit in the maker while it waits for the kids, just one more reason to love it. These babies aren’t easy to find so I was so happy when I was able to find the exact ones we have on Amazon, for a good price, when you click on the link it says available from these sellers and if you click on “these sellers” it gives you a prime option of $37.38 or you can pick a different seller option. If your lucky you can find them at Shopko (which is a place I rarely shop but for some reason around the holiday season they will sometimes carry a hot chocolate maker) so you can look there too. Drink some for me, will ya?

EOS (all natural organic lip balm, the perfect stocking stuffer)


eos lip balm

I have been wanting to share these eos with you for a while but you know, I have way to many awesome things to post about all the time and my kids keep me busy so I never have enough time to post. But is running a great deal on eos with a coupon right now and free shipping so I had to hurry and post about this little gem so you could get some and stuff them in your stockings for all your lip balm, chap stick loving kiddos. This stuff is 100% natural and 95% organic, so when your toddler eats this they will LIVE, yahoo! My toddler has gotten his little hands on too many of these already and eaten, yes you heard right, eaten the whole thing. That’s what kids do right, eat lip balm. So now you mama’s don’t have to worry you can buy your kiddos eos and if they get eaten, no big thing. Last year my girls started asking for these eos so I had to check them out for myself and when I did I was pretty impressed so I got my girls a few last Christmas and now they are in the history books, my girls love them, my toddlers love them, and I love them so they are a winner at this house. Here’s the link on for this set, it’s for 6 lip balms, this is a great deal considering at say Target they are around $3 each. I also found THIS other set on the Costco website which is 3 eos lip balms and 3 eos lotions, we’ve used the lotion before too and love it as well. It’s perfect to slip into your purse or a back pack to help keep those dry hands moist and fresh. The hand lotion is only 97% natural so I don’t know if it’s safe if it gets eaten you’ll have to check that out. Happy eos to you this holiday season, I hope you love em like we do.

eos lip balm and lotion

Children’s Books (some of our favorites and great gift ideas for Christmas)

the christmas miracle of jonathan toomey

This post is long over due, I LOVE children’s books,  I’ve had this post in my head for a while and I am so glad to finally get it written down so I can share it with you. I love books, they open up the world of imagination where the possibilities are endless. Reading books to your children is so beneficial in so many ways (sometime I’ll do  a post on all the great reasons you should read to your kids). This is such a wonderful time of year for books too they are such a great gift to give for Christmas, they are such a timeless gift and something that rarely gets thrown away so here is a list of SOME (i’ll share more in additional posts in the future) of my favorite children’s books.

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey This is one of my favorite Christmas stories, my husband’s mom gave it to us our first Christmas we were married and we get it out and read it every year. It’s a very tender story about how the love of a child can soften a hard heart and bring love back into someone’s life. It also emphasizes the real meaning of Christmas and what it’s focus should be. This story makes me cry just about every time I read it, it’s very tender and sweet.

christmas oranges

Christmas Oranges This is another favorite Christmas book. It’s a really great reminder to kids and adults about being grateful. They have made a movie out of the book and my kids love the movie too.

Fanny's Dream 2

Fanny’s Dream  This book is probably one of my all time favorites on this list. I love it, it talks about the importance of dreaming but also realizing that our dreams are often right around us we just have to recognize them. Life is what we make of it.

enemy pie 2

Enemy Pie This is such a fun book about turning your enemies into your friends.

lacey O'neal

Lacey O’neal This is a great book about being different and that different is okay, and even when people are mean to us when we are different we can still treat them nicely and be a true friend no matter what.

Horton hatches the egg

Horton Hatches the Egg Horton is the hero in this book and his hard work of sitting for countless hours on an egg pays off in the end. It teaches determination and that when we put our mind to something and work hard at it eventually it will pay off.

The big fib

The Big Fib This is such a great book that teaches all the reasons why we shouldn’t FIB. It teaches a great message. I’t s a perfect one to read to kids who are having trouble with lying, it’s great book about how one little lie can lead to something bigger and bigger until you get yourself into a lot of trouble.

The first animal encyclopedia

First Animal Encyclopedia My kids LOVE this educational book about animals. My 8 almost 9 year old really loves animals so this is her go to book a lot. It gives a lot of information about animals but does it very simply so it’s easy for kids to read plus there are lots of pictures too.

Where do kisses come from

Where do Kisses Come From? This one is just plain cute.

How do dinosaurs say I love you

How do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? This one is just plain cute too. It talks about loving your kids even if their behavior isn’t super lovable.

I love you though and through

I love you Through and Through This is a board book and it is one of my favorites to read to my 2 year old. The book talks about loving your insides and your outside, your happy and your sad side, your silly and your mad side, your fingers and your toes etc. It talks about all the things you love about your child with cute illustrations and a sweet message.

Farm (barnyard fun touch and feel book)

FARM We all love the farm don’t we? We kind of have our own tiny little farm so my kids especially love this book, it’s a favorite for my 2 year old partly because he is obsessed with tractors and everything farm related. This board book is so fun as it’s interactive with the touch and feel and very educational, it shows many of the farm animals so you can work on animal sounds with your toddler and it even talks about how things grow. It’s super fun and one of our favorites.

Okay so there’s a short list of some of our favorites, I’ll have to do another post to include the other 1,000 children’s books we love:). Happy reading!!