Hot Chocolate Maker (for the hot chocolate lovers)

hot chocolate maker

This hot chocolate maker is hands down one of our family’s favorite things during the holiday season. Our family LOVES hot chocolate so having a hot chocolate maker has been a favorite at this house, we naturally have 2 of these because remember there are 10 of us that live at this house so one just wouldn’t make the cut but for a smaller family you can get by with one just fine. It makes 4 cups of hot chocolate at a time and you can re-fill it and make more super easy. All you do is add water and hot chocolate mix (any brand or variety works great) and turn it on to heat froth, you’ll have yummy hot chocolate in a couple minutes. We love ours it’s such a fun thing to have around and it’s been a fun part of our holiday memories. I also love that there is no boiling water or warming in the microwave it makes making hot chocolate super easy. It’s perfect for those days when the kids are playing out in the snow, you know they are gonna all run in at the same time and say we want some hot chocolate, the hot chocolate can be made a head of time and just sit in the maker while it waits for the kids, just one more reason to love it. These babies aren’t easy to find so I was so happy when I was able to find the exact ones we have on Amazon, for a good price, when you click on the link it says available from these sellers and if you click on “these sellers” it gives you a prime option of $37.38 or you can pick a different seller option. If your lucky you can find them at Shopko (which is a place I rarely shop but for some reason around the holiday season they will sometimes carry a hot chocolate maker) so you can look there too. Drink some for me, will ya?