Organic, Unbleached, NOT Enriched, White Flour

organic flour

I love this flour, I came across it about a year ago at Costco, I saw that it was organic and that it was unbleached and NOT enriched and I was so beyond excited, it even has a gram of fiber in it per serving (which is good considering it’s white flour). The only ingredients are organic wheat flour and organic malted barley flour that’s it, I love products like that. There is a delicious flavor to it and I love using it when I bake. It’s delicious in cookies and brownies, cinnamon rolls etc. I use mostly whole wheat flour for my breads but if you want a delicious white roll or bread this is great for that as well. I get this flour at Costco there are two 10 pound bags and the price has changed some but I think it’s roughly around $14 you can get it off Amazon but it is so expensive, so get it at Costco if you have access to one. Here’s the website for Central Milling Company and it looks like they have a lot of products that you can buy there, I’ve never bought it from there but it’s worth a look, they have a lot of organic flour options but it does look like it’s more expensive on the site than it is at Costco. Costco is my go to girl so I love that I can buy the things I love/need from there.

* Again I am not affiliated with Costco or Central Milling Company I just love this flour so I wanted to share it with you.