Favorite Water Bottle

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Hands down these Contigo water bottles are my favorite. We have had/owned a lot of water bottles and these are by far the best. We’ve been using them for a couple of years now and I love them. They are perfect for sports, hiking, leisure, church, outings, you name it; they can go along with you anywhere. My kids are ALWAYS thirsty and so having these water bottles as companions has been a life saver more than once. Even my 17 month old toddler can drink out of these and has been for awhile. They are leak proof (I won’t say they haven’t ever leaked there has been a time or two they have leaked in my bag) but for the most part they are leak proof and I love that feature. The straw design makes them easy to drink out of especially for little ones (and I prefer drinking out of a straw myself so I love that part too). They are very durable we have dropped them MANY times and they hold up really well. I’ve bought other water bottles before and my kids drop them once and they bust, that is frustrating. They are easy to clean – I pull out the straw put it in the silverware holder in my dishwasher, pop open the spout and throw the top and bottle in the dishwasher as well, if you want to hand clean them they might get a little tedious but I just put them in the dishwasher. I really love these water bottles. There are other Contigo water bottles with different designs and spouts and I don’t like them nearly as much, this design is my favorite for the whole family. You can get the adult ones, and the kids ones on Amazon. We own all three sizes and have used the kids size and the 24oz for a long while and we love them, I am excited to try the 32oz one. My favorite place to get these water bottles is Costco (they are by far the best price at there) where they come in a three pack.  If I remember right, the kids three pack was $14.99 and the adult three pack was $19.99. They aren’t super cheap water bottles but they are worth the extra $ for the quality.  If you’ve read enough of my posts you know I try to be frugal but sometimes I find a product worth spending the extra $ on for the quality. I hate buying cheap stuff over and over again. I will say Costco doesn’t always carry these as a regular item mostly in the spring and then through the summer and maybe a bit into the Fall but they don’t usually carry them year round so snag them when you see them there if you want to try them.

My newest find was a 32oz bottle (pictured on the far left) which I haven’t used yet. When I am not pregnant I try and drink 96 oz of water a day (it’s hard for me to drink that much water when I am pregnant). Water is so healthy for us in so many ways including weight loss, so carrying around a water bottle is a perfect weight loss companion. I religiously stuck to drinking 96 ounces of water a day for 3 months and in that time period lost over 30lbs. I was of course eating healthy and exercising too but I know the water was a big part of that. Water aids in so many things including digestion so it’s so important to get a lot of water in each day. I am super excited to bust open this 32 ouncer I found (which came from Wal-Mart – I’ve never seen that big of one at Costco). I also found it on Amazon here for about the same price.  As soon as I have this baby and start using it, I’ll let you know how I like the bigger size. For the avid camper hiker they also sell an insulated one that is the same style, I have also seen this at Costco in a 2 pack, for around $20 I want to say. So grab a water bottle today and start drinking!