Dish Scrubber (your soon to be best friend)

I love this little guy so much, the other day even my son was saying this was his favorite to wash dishes with too. We all spend a lot of time washing dishes, right? Why not do it with something we love? I think that’s what you’ll find after you try this little guy out. It’s small so it fits in a lot of things (the handle doesn’t get in the way) plus I love the edge on the top (I included a picture) this helps so much when there is stuck on food on a dish and you can’t get it off, this handy dandy edge will work wonders for you. I have tried other scrubbers like this and this is by far my favorite, he’s the perfect partner to do dishes with (besides maybe your kids, if they fight while doing dishes then he will for sure be your favorite though), if your kids do dishes like my kids do, they will thank me later. The other upside to this little gadget is it’s so cheap, it will be the best $2.50 you’ve spent in a long time here’s the link on Amazon or I know you can also get them at Target.

*If you are feeling really excited about this little scrubber get two and then you can have one just for scrubbing potatoes and veggies, it works great for that too.

Update– *I just barley clicked on the link to see if they price had changed since when I had actually written the post and it had, it was like $2.50 a week or 2 ago but now it is 7 something. If you don’t want to spend $7.50 on it you can get it at Target in their cleaning section for around $3.