Money Saving Tip

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I have been wanting to share this with you for months but I wanted to try it out for a long period of time so I could really see if month by month I continued to save money, and now that I have been at it for a whole year I can honestly say it has saved me so much money. I have stuck to it and it is my very most helpful money saving tip right now.

Only go to the store once a week. (run all your errands on one day and don’t go back until the next week even if you forget something)

I know it seems so silly right? But it works I am telling you, you have to try it. (once every two weeks would probably even be better but once a week is what I do for now).

I used to go to the store, a store at least 3 times a week, I know that’s a lot but I would do one big grocery trip and then we would need more milk or eggs etc. so I would go again or I would remember I forgot something so I would go again, or I would remember I needed something after I had gone shopping that week so I would go again, really it seems like there was always an excuse to run to the store, and every time I did I would end up buying more than I had planned on (it’s so easy to spend $50 at Target when I only needed one thing). When we moved out of town I decided It took too much time to drive to the store a few times a week plus I was thinking of ways to save money so I decided I would be more organized and come up with a weekly schedule and then stick by it (i’ll do a post here soon on my weekly schedule) within that weekly schedule I would only go to the store once a week. I started doing this around January of last year (2015) and it has made a huge difference in my budget, I am not kidding when I say I have shaved at least $500 (and sometimes more) off what I was spending each month by only going to the stores that I need to go to 1 time a week. Just give this a try and see if it saves you money, the trick is you really have to do it, if you forget something make sure it’s on your list so you don’t forget it the next week and then just skip it for that week until you can get to the store again to get it. Be diligent for one whole month and see if you see any difference. I’d love to hear feedback. Send me all your money saving tips too.

Here are a couple other money saving tips that I like to do.